I am alive, really, just esconced in the world of the little people. Hmmm, that all sounds mysterious, it’s not. I haven’t been beamed into the land of the oompa loompas or anything nearly as exciting. Why were they orange? Anyway, I digress. I’m actually heavily ensconced in St Elsewhere’s (Australia) Children’s emergency department.

 The move back to Australia was a little less traumatic than I thought, luggage vagaries aside. I’m now waiting for a home phone and importantly an internet connection, hence the delay in writing anything recently. Be assured, I will be back in the swing of things very soon with some new stories from the frontline in Paediatrics…


~ by Dr Ben on July 26, 2007.

3 Responses to “lazarus”

  1. Welcome home.

  2. Dr Ben

    Good to hear that you are alive and well…(and still have an amusing turn of phrase). The random tangent of the Orange oompa loompas makes me feel much at home – I couldn’t keep a conversation on track if it were fitted with heavy duty stabilizers…I surmise that it is symptomatic of an intelligent mind!

  3. Hi Clare,

    Sorry I didn’t say hello when you previously commented. A sporadic internet connection doesn’t really help me to keep on top of things. Welcome!

    Femme, yes alive, well(ish) – I burned my hand in a rather un-fetching way whilst ironing my hospital scrubs. Pathetic I know! Truly being able to go off on a tangent mid-sentence is a sure sign of intelligence, or a aspect of a psychotic illness according to DSM-IV…(sigh)

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