brief intermission

There’s a chance that I may not write another post for a fortnight or so. No, it’s not that my current run of night shifts is about to end, and therefore won’t have as much time to skive off at work as I do at the moment (thanks State Health and your liberal internet policy). Rather, as it turns out, the benificence of St Elsewhere’s Children’s has extended to giving me 2 weeks off! Apparently, I had kept some accrued time-in-lieu before I left for Ireland a year ago and they offered me the chance to take it. A bit of a pleasant surprise really. Consequently, I am skitting off to Ireland briefly to catch up with Miss GreenEyes and travel around the west coast. We have pretty much been in touch every day and chatting regularly and I miss her, so it seemed like an opportune time given that we have been apart for the sum total of only 6 weeks! I think I’m going soft.

Hopefully we’ll also decide on the tricky issue of what we are going to do with ourselves…Do we continue the long-distance thing, or do I drug her and drag her back to Australia?! She’s fairly set on staying in Ireland and wants me to move back there…



~ by Dr Ben on August 14, 2007.

8 Responses to “brief intermission”

  1. wow! you must really like her, that’s great!
    um ok advice-

    see how the next couple of weeks go- if you can’t stand the thought of leaving her then one of you has to give in- if you enjoyed ireland and miss that too then go back- if not then bring her back to oz for a couple of weeks and she if she likes it there enough to consider it! (i’m sure she will- i’m considering it!)

    have fun and be good. xxxxx

  2. Thanks Eliza, she is nice! Er, What you said is pretty much my plan at this stage, but both of us having bad records with long-distance relationships, it something we both want to avoid! I’ll see what I can do, and how good I can be!

  3. Long distance sucks and its difficult when neither of you want to want to live in the other persons country. I did the same thing when I met a boy in Dublin. Loved the experience for the first year or so. Eventually, I was so over being cold & depressed, I just wanted to feel happy on a Saturday morning, minus the hangover. Eventually, he let me go home. We tried long distance, and luckily it didn’t work out! I know where I want to be in life now and would have resented him for taking me away from my home.
    Not advice really, but recollections.
    Why don’t you pay for her to come over to Australia, not that it’s a great time of year. It would give her a chance to see you in your ‘natural environment,’ rather than to push her to live here. It seems that both of you have great connections to your homes. Hopefully you can find what you want.

    The West Coast is beautiful. I miss that beautiful area so much.

    Good luck. Oh yeah, my Dad is also complaining about the sick kids and the flu. Even though the other patients have appointments, the kids must come first. It requires true waiting room diplomacy.

  4. Drug her and bring her back here – let her experience the pure joy of Sydney. Dont be afraid of how you feel, tell her, show her (and yourself) and most importantly – DONT FUCK IT UP!

    (I think Damien would agree with me here)

  5. I say club her, drug her and take her home to Oz. She’ll love it – there are plenty of Irish there for when she needs a fix of home, the lot of a Queensland doctor is better than an Irish one, from what I hear, you still need to finish your specialist training, and it will give Mum someone to fuss over. You know how she likes to fuss.

    Besides, the sun is so bright that she’ll be freebasing Vitamin D and the euphoria will take her through the first year.

  6. Ah, come on update soon! The Suspense is killing me.

  7. If you want MY 2 cents worth…
    I cant understand that there is any confusion in this matter. Feelings aside, Australia is the ONLY place to live. If you move back there I will personally lead the large group of your disgruntled Australian mates to come and beat some sense into you… and then talk some sense into Miss GreenEyes.
    Short of that your current plan seems sound. Get here over here and show her a great time. I am sure that she will change her mind if you have a mind to change it for her.
    Good luck buddy.

  8. Clare – thanks, I will write again soon when I finally complete the epic journey back to Australia. I wonder, ‘did’ Paul Keating have a certain point when he said we were ‘the arse end of the world’? Hmmm, it’s a long trip home anyway…

    Dr W – you always know I want your 2 cents! No, I think I’ll be staying in Aus for the forseeable future. I miss everyone too much. I’m sure she’ll love it when she gets over here in October (for a visit people)!

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