almost home

Apologies for the delay in sending another post. Miss GreenEyes doesn’t know that I write this blog and so it is a little unsubtle to skive off and write a brief entry whilst using her computer. At the moment, I am sitting in Singapore airport basking in the red glory that only a hot shower can bring after a 13 hour flight, so this will be brief, and probably unrewarding!

I realised that British Airways had at least one redeeming feature when we had just taken off wheels still whining up into the undercarriage, when the plummy cabin supervisor came over the intercom:

‘Ladies and gentlemen, now that we have escaped the surly bonds of Earth and completed the most dangerous part of the flight I invite you all to sit back, relax and enjoy the British Airways service…’

I have never heard of gravity referred to as a ‘surly bond’ but God-Damn I’m going to use it from now on – love the English.

Will write when I arrive home of my travels to the Emerald Isle, and the heart and hearth of Miss GreenEyes and her fellow countrymen.


~ by Dr Ben on September 1, 2007.

3 Responses to “almost home”

  1. what a great phrase. Glad you’re alive. Fingers crossed from my end – even though you’ve already made your mind up.

  2. “her fellow countrymen”

    Ms GreenEyes is a man? I am both confused, and disturbed!

  3. Geez Damian, who’s the pedant?! Ok, I’d been awake for 30hrs and was typing it in an airport. Gimme a break man!

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